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Cupcakes for you, cupcakes for me….cupcakes for DC

Cupcakes are all the rage now – all around town – folks are eating them, talking about them or talking about eating them. There are trucks and stores with lines and security guards and crazy flavors…these little delectable concoctions are all the rage! Well not to be left out in the crowd is a DC (Native – via a stint a Howard University School of Law) TamiCakes is not only a local favorite – but she has made it into the realm of Cupcake CELEBRITY – by way of the Food Network!

It was only a matter of time before word spread with such prestigious DC clientele as Recess, Josephine, K Street Lounge and the renowned U Street neighborhood requesting her services for their guests and events! Having the word spread around DC is one thing, because as we know in the hip-hop scene being a local celebrity is often hard to turn into main stream celebrity – which is where it matters most – – yet spread it did – especially when she was able to reach outside of DC and can say that she has had the pleasure of providing custom cupcake confections (try saying that three times fast!) to celebs like Jim Jones, Eric Roberson and BET – the big time was only a step away! So this national coverage is a huge fait accompli.

Join MDM Associates as we celebrate her coming out party on Sunday – June 24th 2012 at 7pm at The Tap and Parlour here in DC – to cheer on and try out @TamiCakesDC



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